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Outdoor Donkey

VersaCord Dry Cord Clothesline Reflective Hanging Cord


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Outdoor Donkey 13 feet VersaCord Dry Cord Clothesline Hanging Reflective Utility Cord Kit for Travel, Hiking, Camping & Backpacking.

Looking for a lightweight clothesline for drying wet gear or hanging lights, dishes, or critter bags in the backcountry or when traveling? Introducing the Outdoor Donkey VersaCord Dry Cord Hanging Kit.

 The VersaCord Dry Cord Hanging Kit is outfitted with six pre-tensioned hooks and tensioners that will not slip or slide under load. The carabiner hooks allow for a fast, simple way to hang anything from camp lights, dishes, critter bags, or to dry out your wet items quickly. The high-strength reflective nylon cord construction of the Dry Line is durable and easy to spot at night.

Included with the kit are a set of tensioners, carabiner hooks, reflective cord, and a carry/storage pouch. String it up between some trees and let your clothes hang in the sun. Simple, easy, and incredibly handy.

Simple, straightforward, and lightweight, it gives you a quick solution for hanging items or letting jackets, shirts, and other soaked-through clothing dry overnight, so you're ready to go in the morning.


  • Rigging clotheslines to dry out wet clothing
  • Stringing LED lights or mini lanterns at camp for better lighting
  • Rigging bear bags and hanging food out of reach of critters
  • Hanging dishes and camping utensils


  • Length: 13 Feet
  • Weight: 3 oz
  • Diameter: 3 mm
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